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Racial Harmony at the Library

Happy Youth Day, Beacons!

Although a week of school has already passed, we would like to welcome you back to school!

Check out our new arrivals!

We celebrate Racial Harmony by having our Mother Tongue books on display and an exciting lineup of activities! The books on display have been carefully picked by your dear teachers so do drop by the library to take a look!

Chinese Books Display

Tamil Books Display

Malay Books Display

The Malay books display was put up with the commemoration of Hari Raya Aidilfitri in mind as the festive event occured just last week. If you would like to pen your own Hari Raya greeting, do pick up a card from the display corner, write your wishes and put it up on the board.

Special Youth Day Giveaway!

Image credit: Quotefancy

Here’s a little Youth Day giveaway! Comment on what you think the quote (in the picture) means or what you understand from it, and the best comments will receive a prize!


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