Super Readers

Term 1 Top 5 Super Readers

Not only are our Super Readers literally super readers, they are also amazing artists!

Here’s presenting to you their amazing illustrations.

Super Reader Top 5 Term 1_page_2.jpg

Title: Once Tashi Met A Dragon
Author: Anna Fienberg and Barbara Fienberg
Super Reader Cover Illustration: Sachet Patil of 1/3

Title: Johnny Can Fly: A Visit to Singapore
Author: Benita Fong
Super Reader Cover Illustration: Ted Lim Jie Le of 2/3

Title: Katie the Kitten Fairy
Author: Daisy Meadows
Illustrator: Georgie Ripper
Super Reader Cover Illustration: Sarah Sng of 3/1

Title: Darkness of Dragons (Wings of Fire, Book 10)
Author: Tui T. Sutherland
Super Reader Cover Illustration: Ethan Hun Zhe Kai of 4/1

Title: The Magnificent Lizzie Brown and the Fairy Child
Author: Vicki Lockwood
Super Reader Cover Illustration: Sahirah Darwisyah of 4/4

“Reading is an art form, and every man can be an artist.” – Edwin Louis Cole

Congratulations to all winners!


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