Local Authors: Mother & Daughter Authors

Eliza Teoh and Gabby Tye are a mother-and-daughter authors who each have their own book series.


Eliza is a former journalist and an author-publisher. She is the author of the Ellie Belly children’s book series. She has also released her first picture book entitled, The Lonely Boy and Ugly Dog.

The Ellie Belly series follows the adventures of a rambunctious girl who has the uncanny ability to speak to animals. The character Ellie was inspired by her quirky second daughter. The series has a version in Chinese too!

Gabby Tye, whose real name is Gabby Tan, aged 18 is the youngest author in Singapore. She wrote the RunHideSeek Trilogy and two-part sequel EverAfter. She began writing at the age of 14 and at 16, she managed to clinched a deal with a publisher in China.


To read more on the local authors and their book series, click below:
Eliza Teoh – Ellie Belly Book Series
Gabby Tye – RunHideSeek Trilogy & EverAfter

This week activities, includes screening of a local production movie,  ‘I Not Stupid’.August Library @ Beacon.jpg

Enjoy hunting for the various local authors books!


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