Book Buffet


Borrow books the honour way.

What is Book Buffet?
The Book Buffet is a free library located at one of our very own canteen stalls and you can borrow any book for free! What we would like to promote with the Book Buffet is the love of reading and sharing of books, and to encourage recycling of books to reduce wastage.

Free libraries are located all over the world and over at the National Library Board (NLB), they call theirs the Book Exchange Corner.

Here are the simple conditions to borrowing a book at our Book Buffet.

  • Borrow one book at a time
  • Record your name and class in the Book Register
  • You may bring the book home
  • Return the book to the Book Buffet Return Box after you are done reading it


We also welcome the donation of pre-loved books as long as they are in good condition. Here’s how.

  • Take a “Donated by:” label from the Book Buffet stall
  • Write your name and glue it to your book cover
  • Drop it into the Book Buffet Donation Box


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many books can I borrow?
You may only borrow one book at a time.

When must I return the book that I borrowed?
At any time. There is no specific loaning period, as long as you return the book you borrowed.

How do I return the book that I borrowed?
Just drop your book into the Book Buffet Return Box.

How do I donate a book that I no longer need or want?
First, ensure that the book is in good condition. Get a “Donated by:” label from the Book Buffet stall, write your name on it, glue the label to the book cover and drop the book into the Book Buffet Donation Box.