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iSPY Quiz Winners

Did you take part in our iSPY quiz?

We asked questions based on the book, The Adventures of Tintin – Red Rackham’s Treasure. Did Captain Haddock fall by tripping over a piece of wood or did his beard get caught on a low branch causing him to slip and fall?

Five questions were asked and these five students are now eligible to be future spies… or at least Tintin’s fellow adventurers.

Here are the winners of the iSPY Quiz.

  • Kethy Li Yunxi 6/2
  • Kacey Li Xue Tong 4/3
  • Ang Wei Lin Evelyn 4/5
  • Janson Lim Le Yang 3/3
  • Seow Jingheng 2/4

Congratulations all!

Do look forward to our next quiz at the end of April!