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Book Buzz – Dr Seuss

Were you part of our Book Buzz today?

Our Beacon Student Librarians hosted a variety of activities during recess time to promote Dr Seuss books.

Our Beacons had a hand on drawing Dr Seuss characters, record reciting his prose and read his famous quotes.

It was definitely a SeuSSantic great time!

Watch out for fun photo opportunities at our Seuss Photo Booth @ Beacon Library, this coming Monday, 11/03/19.

See you there Seuss fans!


March: Dr Seuss

2019 March Book Theme - Dr Seuss

Dr Seuss, a very famous author who wrote stories for children. On 2nd March was Dr Seuss’ birthday. He would be 115 years old if he’s still around today. His storybooks are well-received by children and adults alike in the world. There are many storybooks written by him in our library so keep a look out for them! 


For the month of March, we will be having a photo booth set in the library for you to take pictures of yourself with Dr Seuss’ props, and with the help of parent volunteers, you can get creative and have your pictures taken on every Monday. On every Tuesday & Thursday, there will be Dr Seuss’ movie screenings held in the library while on every Wednesday & Friday, there will be storytelling. Do note that all activities are only happening during your recesses. 2019 March Book Theme - Dr Seuss-2

See you at the library!