National Reading Day 2017

Here are some of our dedicated readers who went to one of the public libraries to borrow a book, in conjunction with National Reading Day 2017 and the National Reading Movement!

(Read the post about the National Reading Movement.)

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”
― Dr. SeussI Can Read With My Eyes Shut!

May you always find joy in reading.

Happy Reading, Beacons!


March Voracious Readers

In the month of March, we saw our Beacons visiting the library more often than usual to whet their reading appetites. Congratulations to these Voracious Winners!

Primary 1

  1. Lim Joshua Kobe Lajada 1/6
  2. Sun Jia Wen, Ally 1/7
  3. Zhuo Lingxin 1/4

Primary 2

  1. Anson Neoh Jia Wei 2/4
  2. Seow Jingheng 2/4
  3. Eshton Isaiah Teo 2/6

Primary 3

  1. Wong Chuan Ling 3/2
  2. Tay Tze Kai 3/4
  3. Saw Zhan Shi Bennett 3/2

Primary 4

  1. Neo Li Min 4/2
  2. Poh Si Hui 4/2
  3. Goh Jin Rui 4/2

Primary 5

  1. Cedric Yau Jun Yang 5/2
  2. Hoo Li Zhong, Ugo 5/3
  3. Giritheran s/o Muthuvel 5/3

Primary 6

  1. Nur Filzatunnafsi Binte Abdullah 6/5B
  2. Princess Josephine Peace Olarewaju 6/6
  3. Tee Tze Yee Markcus 6/4

Please don’t forget to feed your mind with books in April too!

Also, do challenge yourselves to attain the Readerthon Award (more than 40 books) and Ultra Reader Award (more than 60 books)!

Quiz · Winners

iSPY Quiz Winners

Did you take part in our iSPY quiz?

We asked questions based on the book, The Adventures of Tintin – Red Rackham’s Treasure. Did Captain Haddock fall by tripping over a piece of wood or did his beard get caught on a low branch causing him to slip and fall?

Five questions were asked and these five students are now eligible to be future spies… or at least Tintin’s fellow adventurers.

Here are the winners of the iSPY Quiz.

  • Kethy Li Yunxi 6/2
  • Kacey Li Xue Tong 4/3
  • Ang Wei Lin Evelyn 4/5
  • Janson Lim Le Yang 3/3
  • Seow Jingheng 2/4

Congratulations all!

Do look forward to our next quiz at the end of April!


You’ve Been Caught! #1

Fear not! You’ve been caught reading and that is great!

Caught readers, please go to the library and identify yourselves to our librarian to receive a token.

What is “You’ve Been Caught!”?

“You’ve Been Caught!” is a new initiative by Library@Beacon where we take photos of unsuspecting students who read to pass the time.

So why are we doing this?

We want to promote the love of reading. Reading has many benefits and it is to the mind what exercise is to the body. Don’t believe me? Check out the articles here:

8 Science-Backed Reasons to Read a (Real) Book
10 Benefits of Reading: Why You Should Read Every Day

What should you do if “You’ve Been Caught!”?

If you are the one caught in the photo, do proceed to the library to identify yourself to the librarian to receive a token.

Promote the love of reading by showing your friends that it is fun to read! Happy reading!


Term 1 Voracious Readers

Congratulations to these Voracious Readers for feeding your book hunger pangs and reading more than 20 books in Term 1. Wow!

Primary 1

  1. Mikkelas Seah Qi Jun 1/6

Primary 2

  1. Stiasni Bianca 2/8
  2. Muhammad Danial Irfan Bin Mahathir 2/2
  3. Nadya Raushana Binte Abdul Ra’uf Rodney 2/7

Primary 3

  1. Adwaith Bijesh 3/2
  2. Chua An Xuan Darius 3/4
  3. Bernice Ng Yunqing 3/2

Primary 4

  1. Farzana Binte Shajahan Rafi John 4/2
  2. Xavier Toh You Jun 4/2
    Ng Zhi Xuan 4/5
    Nur Syaidina Daniya Binte Saidi 4/4

Primary 5

  1. Nikki Lee Mun Chi 5/2
  2. Su Yan Xin 5/2
  3. Lim Swee Seng Randall 5/6

Primary 6

  1. Princess Josephine Peace Olarewaju 6/6
  2. Yumiko Tan Hui Ern 6/2
  3. Chung En Qi, Elysia 6/1

Do challenge yourselves to attain the Readerthon Award (more than 40 books) and Ultra Reader Award (more than 60 books)!