Programme Line Up – Term 3 Week 3

Here’s what the library has in store for you next week!


Term 3 Week 3, 10th July to 14th July
Theme: Celebrations

  • Monday: Word Search
  • Tuesday: Craft – Ketupat Card
  • Wednesday:
    Book Reading (lower primary)
    Book Quiz 1
  • Thursday: Movie Screening – Upin & Ipin
  • Friday:
    Book Reading (lower primary)
    Book Quiz 2

Sure-Win Lucky Draw

Our library will be starting our first Sure-Win Lucky Draw tomorrow, Wednesday, 5th July!

What is this Sure-Win Lucky Draw?
This Wednesday to Friday, every student that borrows a book from the school library will receive a prize in our lucky draw. However, only one chance is given to each student a day.

So what are you waiting for? Be sure to borrow a book tomorrow!


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Racial Harmony at the Library

Happy Youth Day, Beacons!

Although a week of school has already passed, we would like to welcome you back to school!

Check out our new arrivals!

We celebrate Racial Harmony by having our Mother Tongue books on display and an exciting lineup of activities! The books on display have been carefully picked by your dear teachers so do drop by the library to take a look!

Chinese Books Display

Tamil Books Display

Malay Books Display

The Malay books display was put up with the commemoration of Hari Raya Aidilfitri in mind as the festive event occured just last week. If you would like to pen your own Hari Raya greeting, do pick up a card from the display corner, write your wishes and put it up on the board.

Special Youth Day Giveaway!

Image credit: Quotefancy

Here’s a little Youth Day giveaway! Comment on what you think the quote (in the picture) means or what you understand from it, and the best comments will receive a prize!

Super Readers

Super Readers Gallery

Remember the presentation of awards to our Super Readers for their fabulous artworks? We now have a page showcasing the works of our Super Readers.

So what are you waiting for? Take a look by clicking the link in the menu at the top or by clicking this link here.

Do look forward to our next Super Readers or try to become one and have your work showcased in our permanent online gallery!

Book Report

Book Reports

Here’s bringing you some well-written and well-illustrated reports by some of our budding Book Reporters!

Our lower primary reporters, Lohan of 2/6 and Nadya of 2/7 reported on The Adventures of Tintin: The Black Island and Fantastic Mr Fox respectively. Do click on the images to look at their beautiful illustrations!

Like Lohan, Chuan Ling also reported on The Adventures of Tintin: The Black Island. However, she broke the story down for you with details on the characters, setting, problems and solution. Maybe you’d start reading this particular Tintin book after reading Chuan Ling’s fascinating report, that is, if you haven’t already done so.

Yan Xin of 5/2 wrote a detailed report on The Adventures of Tintin: The Shooting Star and even explained to us why Tintin is her favourite character. I’m intrigued. This really makes me want to read this particular Tintin title.

Thank you for your reports, Book Reporters!

Don’t forget that we have exciting things for you in the coming week!
Term 2 Week 4, 10th April to 14th April

  • Monday: Word Search
  • Tuesday: Craft (Fish)
  • Wednesday: Book Quiz
  • Thursday: Movie Screening (Rainbow Fish)
  • Friday: Storytelling by PV

Do visit the blog again the next weekend to find out what we’ll be having in Term 2 Week 5, 17 – 21 April.

Until the next report. Signing off!


March Voracious Readers

In the month of March, we saw our Beacons visiting the library more often than usual to whet their reading appetites. Congratulations to these Voracious Winners!

Primary 1

  1. Lim Joshua Kobe Lajada 1/6
  2. Sun Jia Wen, Ally 1/7
  3. Zhuo Lingxin 1/4

Primary 2

  1. Anson Neoh Jia Wei 2/4
  2. Seow Jingheng 2/4
  3. Eshton Isaiah Teo 2/6

Primary 3

  1. Wong Chuan Ling 3/2
  2. Tay Tze Kai 3/4
  3. Saw Zhan Shi Bennett 3/2

Primary 4

  1. Neo Li Min 4/2
  2. Poh Si Hui 4/2
  3. Goh Jin Rui 4/2

Primary 5

  1. Cedric Yau Jun Yang 5/2
  2. Hoo Li Zhong, Ugo 5/3
  3. Giritheran s/o Muthuvel 5/3

Primary 6

  1. Nur Filzatunnafsi Binte Abdullah 6/5B
  2. Princess Josephine Peace Olarewaju 6/6
  3. Tee Tze Yee Markcus 6/4

Please don’t forget to feed your mind with books in April too!

Also, do challenge yourselves to attain the Readerthon Award (more than 40 books) and Ultra Reader Award (more than 60 books)!