Design for Children 2018 at library@orchard

It’s Design meets Literature, or Art meets Books at library@orchard this June Holiday!


For the entire month of June, sign up for design-themed workshops and borrow from a specially selected collection of children’s books at library@orchard.


The librarians did an amazing job decorating the library to the theme of Exploration. Other than being able to sign up for various workshops, there are also on-site activities that you can participate in without having to sign up in advance!

The activities are:
A Book Cover Design (everyday, 11am – 9pm)
Colour Your Tote Bag (weekends, 1pm – 5pm)

Design_for_Children_2018_June_071 20180607_libraryatorchard_5a


Of course as an Art teacher and book enthusiast, I had to try both activities so that I could recommend them to you!

Redesigned book cover of Where’s Halmoni? by Julie Kim and my coloured tote from one of the three available templates. Can you see the Elements of Art and Principles of Design that I used?

The activities were extremely enjoyable, and I’m sure that you’ll enjoy it too! I chose to redesign the book cover for Where’s Halmoni by Julie Kim as it was recommended to me by a librarian at library@orchard. The book was delightful, with beautiful drawings and a surprising ending.

There are 22 days left before Design for Children 2018 ends so do let your parents know if you want to visit library@orchard!

For more information about Design for Children 2018, do visit their blog at